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2016 World Youth Championships Oceania Selection Process

All National Federations have received information from the O.C.B.C. within the last week, of AIBAs intentionto impose entry quotas on Regional Confederations for entry into the 2016 Youth World Championships to be held next November in St Petersburg, Russia.  This quota system may necessitate box offs in Oceania to determine the allocation of the quota places.  A non refundable $US100 nomination fee (plus bank charges) will apply to any boxer wishing to enter the box offs.  National Federations must have their nominations to the Executive Director of the O.C.B.C. by no later than 5pm (Eastern Australian Standard Time) on the 16 August 2016.  The nomination fee must also have been received by the O.C.B.C, by direct credit to its bank account, by this time for nominatiuons to be accepted.  Due to the tight time frames no late entries will be accepted. For Information, the letter sent to all National Federations by O.C.B.C. President, Ted Tanner, is reproduced below.  



Dear All,

AIBA is introducing a ‘Quota’ on entries of boxers into the 2016 Men’s Youth World Championships to be held in St. Petersburg, Russia in November.

The Quota system is to be based on entries allowable from each Confederation for each weight category. National Federations will not be able to enter boxers into the World Championships unless the boxer is an eligible boxer from his Confederation.

However, the Quota of boxers to be allowed from each Confederation has not yet been determined!

I am awaiting advice from AIBA of the Quota for Oceania.

Nevertheless, as time is short it is necessary to make preparations now to determine the entries of boxers from Oceania whatever Oceania’s quota per weight category is determined to be ie two or three boxers per weight category (for the 2015 Elite Men’s World Championships Oceania’s quota was 2 boxers per weight category).

Accordingly, OCBC National Federations should by 16 August next notify David Pike, Executive Director of OCBC, of the names of boxers with their date of birth that they wish to enter into any necessary box-offs to determine the boxers from Oceania eligible to enter the 2016 Men’s Youth World Championships.

The nominations of boxers are to be accompanied by a non-refundable fee of $US 100 (exclusive of any applicable bank charges) in respect of each nominated boxer paid by the 16 August into the OCBC’s bank account. The boxer nomination fees received will used by OCBC to offset costs associated with any found to be necessary selection box-offs.

If the number of nominations of boxers by 16 August in a weight category is subsequently found to be equal to or less than OCBC’s entry Quota to the 2016 Men’s Youth World Championships for that weight category then those boxers will be deemed to be boxers from Oceania eligible to enter the World Championships.

A National Federation will be responsible for the following costs associated with the entry of any boxer from its Federation into the 2016 Men’s Youth World Championships:
• Travel, accommodation and meals of the boxer and any coach and other support person to a box-off to determine eligibility of an Oceania boxer to enter the World Championships, and
• An equal share of the costs of staging the box-off including the travel, accommodation and meal costs of the bout officials (Bout Supervisor and Referee and Judges etc), and
• Travel, accommodation and meal costs of the boxer and any coach and other support person to attend the World Championships in St. Petersburg, Russia.

If the number of nominations of boxers received by 16 August in any weight category, in view of the advice received from AIBA of OCBC’s ‘quota’ for that weight category, is sufficient to require a box-off(s) for that weight category then it or they will be conducted.

If the overall number of box-off bouts required is sufficient to warrant an OCBC Selection Tournament such a tournament will be held at the Institute of Sport, Canberra, Australia, 28-30 September next.

This late imposition by AIBA of a Quota on entries to the 2016 Men’s Youth World Championships is unexpected and unfortunate, and I ask for your patience with me as I attempt to deal as best as possible regarding it.

With kind regards,

Ted Tanner
President, Oceania Boxing Confederation