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Update on the World Youth Championships

Please find below a letter from the O.C.B.C., President Ted Tanner regarding the qualification process for the World Youth Championships which was forwarded to all National Federations on the 18 August 2016.  As further information becomes available it will be posted on this website.



Dear All,

Entry of Boxers into 2016 Men’s Youth World Championships

Presently, I am officiating at the Rio Olympic Games Boxing Tournament.
I have taken the opportunity of being here to take up with AIBA its intention to restrict entry of
boxers into the 2016 Men’s Youth World Championships to be held in November in St. Petersburg,

The AIBA Executive Committee Meeting was advised at its meeting in July it was intended to restrict
entry into this tournament to 300 boxers. The meeting was advised it was proposed to achieve this
target by introducing, as yet undetermined, quotas for each Confederation for entry of boxers from
each into the Championships.
Following the meeting I wrote to AIBA seeking advice of when we would be informed of Oceania’s
entry quota. I was advised it had not yet been determined.
Now, in Rio de Janeiro, on taking this matter up with AIBA I am advised quotas for each
Confederation for entry of boxers to the 2016 Men’s Youth World Championships will not be

Instead, another, yet to be determined ‘qualification test’ will be introduced to reduce the number
of entries.

I have advised that entry of a boxer into the World Championships based on number of international
bouts experience would disadvantage Oceania boxers because of their lack of opportunity to
participate in such competitions.

I shall, of course, further discuss this matter with AIBA.

Thank you for the time and effort a number of NFs have put into advising of their intended boxer
entries into the 2016 Men’s Youth World Championships.

As it appears we shall now not have to conduct box‐offs to determine OCBC’s entries to the World
Championships I have asked David Pike to return to NFs all monies deposited with the entries.

I have, also, asked him to advise OCBC NFs of the entries. I have done so for transparency in case the
‘qualification test’ adopted by AIBA for entry into the 2016 Men’s Youth World Championships
possibly necessitates consideration of this information.

With best wishes to all,

Ted Tanner
President, Oceania Boxing Confederation