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Letter regarding AIBA from OCBC President Ted Tanner

Dear Oceania Colleagues,

I am looking forward to meeting with you at the Oceania Boxing Confederation General Assembly commencing 11am, 15 July next, in Savai’i, Samoa.

David Pike, Executive Director of OCBC, will shortly confirm with you the times that day for (i) the Entry Session of Boxers for the Pacific Games Boxing Championships, (ii) the Draw of Boxers for Bouts, and (iii) the Technical Meeting to advise all Teams of the tournament schedule for 16-19 July. Recently, Keith Walker for health reason withdrew as Technical Director of the Championships and AIBA has approved David Pike’s appointment to replace Keith.

At our General Assembly I believe it will be very important for us as the Oceania National Federations to discuss our future organisation and activities.

I believe we shall know the 2020 Olympic Pathway by then and I am hopeful that increased opportunities for Oceania boxers to participate in the Tokyo Olympic Games will have been made available. If so, your representations to your NOCs will have been very important in achieving this result.

With regard to AIBA – unfortunately, I advise it is in a very difficult situation.

As you will recall, through secrecy AIBA incurred a debt of approximately $US 23 million under the Presidency of CK Wu.

Since Wu’s ousting two years ago AIBA has managed to continue conducting international competition and to reduce the debt to $US 15.5 million.

It was believed that AIBA’s debt could be wiped clear by 2023.

Despite this success, the IOC Executive has expressed lack of confidence in AIBA’s administration and its financial situation.

Its proposed removal of AIBA as the organisation to conduct the Olympic Qualifying tournaments and the 2020 Olympic Games tournament will remove these tournaments as revenue earning opportunities for AIBA (AIBA’s primary sources of income are receipt of ‘Host’ fees for conducting international tournaments and the four-yearly IOC distribution to international sport federations of revenue received for television coverage of Olympic Games).

Without these income sources AIBA’s ability to pay off its debt over the coming 4 years is removed and its 2020 cash-flow situation is very badly impacted.

Given this circumstance, in late June the AIBA Executive Committee will meet to consider the future of AIBA.

I am sure that the future activity of the Oceania Boxing Confederation will be greatly influenced by decisions at this meeting. Our General Assembly on 15 July will be an important meeting for us.

If ever you have any enquiries please do not hesitate to contact me.

With kind regards,

Ted Tanner

President, OCBC

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